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Lauralee Flores
Lauralee Flores

Tucson, AZ

Hi, I’m Lauralee, a Product Designer in Arizona. I enjoy creating products that make people more successful and delighted.

  1. Freebie Sketch: Wireframe of web app, web site, and blog sketch free freebie low-fi black and white web application web app web site website blog wireframes wireframe
  2. Succulent E-Commerce App sketch succulent mobile app design ecommerce app minimalistic
  3. Multi-currency financial app app product finance app design product design
  4. Create a free account signup product design form
  5. Freebie Sketch: Minimal Vector Image images image simple minimalistic icons illustration design freebie sketch freebie minimal design sketch minimalist minimal
  6. Icon in web design computer email lightening users user award web design webdesign icon design icon
  7. App Redesign - Leads Search choose columns filter sort search dashboard app minimalistic clean
  8. Onboarding Steps ux onboarding
  9. Landing and Thank You Page web illustration icons sketch form minimalistic web design webdesign landing design thank you page landing page design landing page landingpage landing
  10. List Design form sketch minimalistic sorting sort product design checkboxes checkbox social media list design list
  11. Pricing Page features feature list list table pricing list pricing table pricing
  12. CSS Academy - Branding color palette logo minimalistic
  13. KickoffLabs - How It Works Page sketch landing page design how it works ux ui logo illustration minimalistic
  14. How I Used the Wireframes low-fi black and white web application web app web site website blog wireframes wireframe
  15. Welcome Email inbox cats cat opt-in email
  16. Modal Designs modal design modal box login form login page login sign up signup modals modal window modal
  17. Freebie Sketch: Minimal Browser minimal browser sketch free freebie minimal flat tab chrome browsers browser
  18. Course Landing Page minimalistic simple web webinar testimonial sketch course landing page newsletter icons landing page form course
  19. Practical Landing Page Design free training design training landing page minimalistic clean
  20. Rewards Program webdesign thank you page reward counter rewards product design landing page
  21. Landing Page Design course landing page minimalistic simple web form testimonial sketch icons newsletter webinar course landing page
  22. Offer your customers rewards for each purchase product design icon design icon incentive giveaway reward levels rewards
  23. Course Landing Page web simple minimalistic course form landing page icons newsletter course landing page sketch testimonial webinar
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